United Fathers (2022)

United Fathers (2022)

Other name: 물 건너온 아빠들


Parenting is like a battle. Parents even call out for help from grandparents to raise children. Fathers from all around the globe who are raising kids in Korea have gathered. They observe their parenting and share childcare knowledge and troubles. And the global integration happens through empathizing. Jang Yun Jung and In Gyo Jin, the hosts, have become the master of parenting. Foreigner fathers consist of various countries, including America, Italia, China, India, Azerbaijan, and Finland. Let's take a look at their struggle during parenting that everyone would vibe on!Country: KoreanStatus: Ongoing Released: 2022 Genre: Family; Variety;

Country: Korean

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2022

Genre: Family Variety

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